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Originally Posted by bpsu07 View Post
Oh wow, how'd you do that? lol. Yea that day I had like a lens flare fetish or something...I guess been a while since I shot and I like the natural flare..
The lens flare wasn't too bad as a good part of the image is white or black. Just lasso the flare and decrease saturation a bit. It would have been a lot more difficult if the car had been blue or red. For the flare in the kidney grille, I just selected the grille on the viewer's right and made it a layer, then used transform to flip it horizontally. Then I used the move tool to slide into place over the other grill. To remove the guy on the left, I just erased the part of him that had a white background. Then I used the selection tool to select the center vehicle, the shadow, and everything to the right and made them into their own layer. Then I just moved that layer left a bit to cover up the lower part of the guy on the left. The sky was a simple gradient overlay.

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