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'11 E92 with 2600 miles here and get some constant rattle from passenger window when going over light bump etc,. but this I can ignore and live with.

It is the OTHER wining-creacking-metal rubbing sound from somewhere off rear "axle" or else where???,- when making slow 90-degree turns... this sound is just hard to explain but very noticable, even more so when car is cold, but after warm up the sound is still there when turning very slow in 1st or 2nd gear... What could it be? This E92 is ZCP if it makes the difference.... could it be tires rubbing against panel? Axle? I am trying to make a video with this sound to post it here,- it's in the works... I really, really don't want the dealer to start pocking around the car for weeks trying to get this fixed...

Does anyone have any idea what this sound is?
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