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I've seen both and from what I can tell, Mineral white sort of neuters the sporty looks of the M3 as a matter of fact when MW first became an option for the 7 series if you wanted the sports package you had to get it in AW, it simply was impossible to get sports package in MW. A lot of people who are fans of the color have never seen them side by side and are thinking it's close to the brilliant white, but MW is a darker dingy white .. I have sern both and I chose AW when placing my order.

Ask yourself this.. Are you more into the car for its Luxury or Sporty looks? For me it's about the aggressive sporty lines and curves of the M3 and for me going with Mineral White would have neutered it's sportyness into a dingy Lexus IS like sporty car.

Like many of you here I soooooo wish BMW made Brilliant White a standard option, but TRUST me you are GREATLY MISTAKEN if you think Mineral white is a close alternative... iT IS NOT

Also there's a reason why most sports cars are NOT painted with metallic paint.. (Ferrari, Lambo, etc.) because it's harder to control and accentuate the lighting angles when metallic elements are added.

Can you see BMW making the 1M in grayish mineral white? No = total fail

Sure at the end it all boils down to personal taste, but I'm almost sure Anyone here who studies art and colors will tell you that putting carbon fiber, mat or gloss black components on grayish pearl like luxury paint is a total fail.. (ask John Sibal)..

The mineral white is not an M paint..

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