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Originally Posted by Little_Titto View Post
I'm a big Man U fan, but ever since they sold Ronaldo things have gotten tough. Chelsea is off to a strong start this season, but someone is going to come along and give them an upset.

I'd like to see Barca vs Real Madrid in the final of the champions league. And depending on how the draws work out that is definitely a possibility. It would be like the Manchester United vs Chelsea final a couple years back.
Umm yeah about that..Barcelona would rip Real a new one, just like they did at Camp Nou last week, and might as well embarrass them in Madrid. Barca are unstoppable this season. Chelsea are looking weak, Manchester are looking just awful, looks like Bayern is back on the right track with Ribery back and Tottenham are just on fireeeee. Wouldn't be suprised if they teach Chelsea a lesson next week in the premier league.
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