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I have creeks from time to time (Not enough to make a post about it) Going down my driveway, I'll get some creeking. When the car is cold it creeks, but as it warms up the creeks go away. Not a big deal. I'll get a rattle in the morning when I first start the car up and the rattle is my garage remote with it's metal clip attached to it rattling around down there in the storage compartment on my driver side door. Now that's annoying!

In your first post Ed Loh mentions he even gets creeking in what I presume is a stock E90/E92. I notice you have Eibach's on your car. I would have to assume anyone altering their suspension on these already "stiff" cars is going to make creeks and rattle louder and more apparent. Hek, even with the addition of my Akra Evo I can tell that I have more rattling going on around the car. Nature of the beast. My suspension is stock.