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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
So what's your opinion on people who use them for gym exercising?
One review was a from a hiker that also liked them in the gym.
He said while doing squats/Smith Machine/dead lifts etc, his feet felt really glued down if you will. His regular training shoes would slip at times and these don't.

Because of my shin splints I am no more of a runner than low miles on a good tread at the gym. I like to do old school routines I did waaaaay back in high school when I wrestled. We have to wear shoes and I hate wearing them when I/we do the routines. I can't grip near as well as when I am bare foot.

I also golf alot and hate every golf shoe ever made. The Adidas something or anothers I have now cost me 250 I think and are heavy as lead. I sneak them off but eventually a Marshall busts me and tells me to put them back on. These would pass and allow me to get my monkey toes more connected to the grass which is how I like it and play best.

I just need to move to Costa Rica where I would be accepted for who I am.
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