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the vff were never really made to help fix old people with hip/ankle/knee problems. They were meant to offer barefoot runners the minimal protection to actually run. they have become overly popular for people who really have no clue why they are wearing them, besides the fact that they look cool and they are trendy.

The vff work for runners by correcting their foot strike and causing you to land on the front part of your foot, making your feet and ankle stronger. The proven fact is, current running shoes just cushion your improper foot/heel strike. I fail to see how these would help a non runner other than placebo effect, unless they are walking miles everyday.

the vff are the douche bag choice, and yes i'm lumped into the category. If you actually want the barefoot experiance without wearing the same shoes as 50 yr old women with back pain buy the evo's.

sorry for the rant, but it bothers me that such a sport specific item as the vff have gone mainstream and are worn by people who don't run in them. I would venture to say more poser wear these than the actually athlete who is trying to improve himself.