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Originally Posted by Martinmaxx View Post
The reason for using taller tires in the rear is to be able to get a bigger tire contact patch, without the need to use even wider tires. It is not a bad thing to have! The Ferrari F430 has 225/35 fronts and 285/35 rears. Same aspect ratio for both axles, but with 60mm wider rears.

Regarding DTC, ABS, etc, they all work based on a signal from the wheel rotation sensors, which is then processed by the corresponding electronic module. By applying a correction algorithm, the information from the rear wheels can be easily adjusted by the BMW engineers.
Thank you for your response. What do you mean by "using taller tires on the rear is to be able to get a bigger tire contact patch"? DO you mean the side wall will flex and compress?

I think 275/35 or more still fit under rear fender.

THis is the first M to have rear tire with taller diameter than the front.