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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Mine rattles and creaks since day 1 too. Definitely a lot more than I was expecting from a $70K car. But yes, it's worse in winter. After car warms up, it mostly disappears on decent roads. But any bad road brings them up in a hurry. The worst offender is the stupid middle of the dash speaker grille cover (or whatever that is). Which reminds me of starting a new thread on how to remove that freaking part, hopefully without having to remove the dash, which I won't do. I'd settle with quieting that one.
Mine just pops off. You need one of those nylon crow bar thingies, and pry from the front. You might need to push down on the dash (it gives) to get the crow bar thing in there. CAVEAT: I have the standard audio, not the enhanced premium so I don't have the speaker under there. YMMV. Good luck.


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