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Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
My car creaks like fcking crazy! I did a search, I am sure others have experienced this too and I swear it is not me being overly paranoid, but my car creaks and rattles so much on the interior itís insane! If Iím just driving along on the freeway, not much, but if I hit speed bumps, bumpy road (I live in LA so theyíre everywhere), itís crazy. Anyone else experience excessive creaking and rattling on the interior of the car? It sounds like itís the entire door frame or something, in both the front and rear.
Seriously, you're complaining about LA roads being bumpy? I was there a few weeks ago, the bumpiest roads in compton were smoother than our best road (west side highway) in NYC.

But back on topic, yeah I the rattles are nuts. I just try to ignore them now, and consider them part of the experience. I accidentally ended up on 2nd ave a few weeks ago (those of you in the city will know what I'm talking about) and I felt like I was stuck in an old barnhouse. If you figure out where they're coming from and how to fix them, let us know!