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I kinda of have gone a little wild with these shoes.
First i bought the vff KSO'S they feel weird at first. In my opinion the one purpose these serve is to provide minimal protection. Their is no suppport, and def no luxury. It take some ease to run distance in them. On my first couple 2 mile runs, the pads of feet became sore. The only discomfort i felt was from ethier running on a rock(which you feel quite well) or my toes becoming fatigued. Of all the things to get fatigued, it was by toes. My stride change alot because i was afraid of striding out and hurting my foot. The ksos didn't hurt my ankles/knees/hips.
Next i bought the vff bikilas. These felt completely different, they had a little more support and traction. A key note for these the toes especially your big toe will feel more tight than with the ksos. Your toes and feet dn't become as fatigued as fast, and the extra padding on the sole provides more protection from rocks and other debris. i've been able to run greater distances with these.
Lastly, the Army has told me that i'm no long authorized to wear the vff shoes because of lack of support. In a complete bull shit double standard you can wear nike frees, which are the same concept of shoes. The shoes were banned because people don't like the way they look. I have by passed this dumb ass rule and have bought the Evo | Terra Plana.

My suggestion is to avoid the vff, and get the evo's. You will get all the benefits of the barefoot support without looking like a trendy douche bag... Just my two cents