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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Haven t tried the clutch yet as my shift kit was just shipped as it was on back order when I ordered mine.

I ordered mine on Oct 30th, Shipped on Nov 2, I received it on Nov 10th (to Canada so had to go thru customs too.) You will get a confirmation email when shipped with tracking numbers.
wow fanatec must be seriously busy during the holiday season. i just checked the webstore and the gt3 rs clubsport edition is gone and has been replaced with the gt2 clubsport. i assume they already sold out of the shipment that hasn't even arrived at their california warehouse yet.

i think i read somewhere that gt5 doesnt support analog clutch, which means its either on or off unlike the brake and gas pedals. also do you have the clubsport pedals? if you do, does the forcefeedback brake work for gt5? i swear i read in a old gt5 thread somewhere that gt5 doesnt support it, but the calibration video i found shows the guy adjusting the brake for ps3.