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anyone know if gt5 is compatible with analog clutch yet?

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
pedal tuning kit?

Which is that..?

I didn't see it on the site to order anything like that

or did I miss something..

When you get it, if you could post pictures that would be awesome

I am curious about the wheel stand... cause I'm worried it's hard to get the right chair for it... and if you have to go and buy another chair... well might as well just get a Evolution playseat lol
yeah dude, fanatec makes a kit for adjusting the settings for the clubsport pedal set. check it out

Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Have the wheel and love it - tried it on GT5 and works great - just have to put it in compatibility mode (if you google settings for the wheel, you will see what some people are using for settings). If you look on the site you will see the pedal tuning kit etc. I personally didn't bother. I have the wheel stand its great, should work for any chair really as its fairly adjustable. I use it on my couch. I just ordered the rennsport cockpit and triple monitor display, but it wont be here for a while as it takes 6 weeks to get.

Just signed up for iracing as well and the wheel works well on that too. Great wheel in my opinion, but I am an amateur when it comes to wheels and games.
how long did it take for the wheel to get to you? (from the date you placed the order to when it arrived)

yeah and calibrating the settings on the gt3 wheel look crazy. i found this video review with a calibration demo.!