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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
Sorry, if I touched a nerve.
Nope - all in good fun. The smilies are the clue there.

My opinion on the situation is that the 1M is irrelevant right now since it does not have a naturally aspirated high revving motor and also does not offer M-DCT. I suspect that 50% of the folks on the forum that also have DCT will agree. And probably at least half on the remaining ones will agree because of the engine point.

Once the next generation cars come, things will be more level on both of those fronts - F2x 1M gains DCT, F3x M3 loses NA motor. Then the comparison will be much more relevant. But even then, it won't be much different than comparing an E90 M3 to an E60 M5 for example. That is to say, then really do cover two totally seperate markets.
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