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Sorry, if I touched a nerve. Just trying to keep things on track here... which actually IS ironic as the conversation has gravitated from performance to the 1M's position in the market, particularly amongst BMW enthusiasts with M-leanings.

Someone commented earlier that they perceived the 1M as a "boy-racer." That comment is not insignificant.

Perception is reality especially with this new 1M even without a test-drive. Side-by-side speed numbers also don't hold a ton of water as both cars infinitely tune-able. But we do know, the big differences, engine architecture, styling, weight.

When the 1-series first came out, it first struck me as a very cute chick coupe/cabrio. The kinda car wealthy guys would buy for their daughters for college. BMW has been able to successfully position it to the contrary as a lightweight performance car. The new super-ballsy 1M seals the deal on making that clear to the market. I'm certainly sold.

However, that then begs the question, who will want this car in his/her garage? Some folks have commented that it seems like a fun 2nd car. Some are ready to turn in their M3 one-for-one. Others would rather get into the next M5.

So, yes, I do agree that we don't have all the details, but we do know enough to know if we're attracted to it.

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