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Originally Posted by k7-seven View Post
I am interested in a set of AiB, if I install them, do I lose warranty? and what do you mean by reversibility if I install a set of AiB?
By reversibility I mean ease of uninstallation. AiB's are very easy to install and uninstall, so if that is your current #1 choice, that shouldn't be an issue. However, I cannot tell you how dealers in Ontario will react to non-OEM angel eye bulbs.

As an example, people on good terms with their SA and/or tech at a dealership can come in with full exhaust, angel eyes, suspension, wheels, air filter, and a slew of cosmetic modifications, and they couldn't give a care in the world. On the other hand, my former friend Steve once took his 335i in for an oil change, and his car was completely stock with the sole exception of VMR CSL-style wheels. His SA tried to void his suspension warranty.

So, again, warranty really depends on your dealership and your SA. My best recommendation to you, if you are truly worried, would be to call in and ask if they would make a big deal about it if you just had the part. If for some reason you run into component failure later on, you just remove your aftermarket part, put in your stock components, then go from there.

Of course, as a disclaimer, I would never condone breaking your car and then having your dealership pay for it, but as far as general observation goes.