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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
(Reading comprehension is a challenge, eh?)

Back to the question regarding M3 vs. 1M...
my pros and cons are as follows:

M3 pros: V8, sound, roominess, DCT, ZCP, EDC, hood hump and vents
M3 cons: fuel efficiency, price

1M pros: lightweight, torque, fender design, price, low-tech nature
1M cons: functionally only a two-seater, turbo inline-6

Overall, I must also agree on a biased leaning toward the M3 as an all-around more evolved driving machine.
For many here Engrish is a 2nd language Add that to reading comprehension and you get major issues

If I lived and spent most of my time in the city I would say to buy the 1M and if I did most of my driving on highways and freeways then I'd get the M3
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