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Originally Posted by BT M3 View Post
This is incorrect information from my dyno findings. A proper custom tune will yield 15-20whp. And the secondary cats are maybe worth 10hp and some noise. The primaries delete are worth a lot more as the design is far more restrictive.
Your right on and that is what I was saying! I was not stating that the secondary delete alone was going to get you the same hp as no cats+tune or even main cats+tune. What i was saying is that the power that people are getting out of tunes is directly related to the cats....if you left the cats in place and got a reflash you would only pick up 7-12 whp max ( less than just doing a secondary cat delete and rear slip on, which would not cause any issues from a warranty standpoint like a tune could) Remove the main and secondary cats and even without a tune you will pick up 20whp+.....add a tune to the cat removals and you will add an additional 10-15whp! My point is most of the gains people are getting are not from the tune but from the removal of the cats(65% from secondary and main cat delete and 35% from tune). There is not a lot of hidden hp in this engines tunning parameters stock, you have to really start changing things(cams, pulleys, intake, exhaust, TB, headers, etc....) before you are going to see big gains from a tune.

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