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You can't measure oil consumption accurately with a sensor in the short term folks. My car ('08) only reads -1, low, half, full, and overfilled. I think newer cars have better accuracy, adding 1/4 and 3/4 levels, but am not sure.
Anyway, my car has an accuracy of 1/2L folks. It's AWFUL. Best way to guesstimate oil consumption is to top off oil little by little until it jumps to full, write down mileage, then wait until you get the 'add +1 or your engine will explode' message , and see how many miles it took your engine to consume 1 liter. If it's anything more than 1,000 miles, BMW considers it normal. Most likely it'll be A LOT more than that, since 1L in 1K miles is ridiculously high IMO.