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Well, I've been driving here for 20 years and can tell you that we do get our fair share of hail storms. Some are certainly worse than others. I've had hail damage once (1998) - maybe that tells you what your odds are? Two days after I got my car back from having the hail damage fixed, some guy backed into me... so maybe that's a better example of MY odds at the time.

Without covered parking there isn't a whole lot you can do mostly because unless you're watching live local weather, it's impossible to tell when it's about to begin, how big the hail will be, if you need to do anything about it (pea-sized hail? meh.). Only thing I can think of would be a couple of thick blankets to help absorb the impact. Even then, if the hail stones are quarter sized or bigger... that may not help all that much.

On the plus side, think of the orange peel you could eliminate with a new paint job!
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