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Arrow The Poor Man's Rear Seat Close Out

As most of you all know, the rear seats on the M3 are pretty heavy. And since M3 drivers have no friends, I decided to remove them and save about 40 lbs of weight. However I didn't like the look of the big "hole" into the trunk compartment, so I was looking for 'close out' pieces to cover it up.

Unfortunately the only ones available on the market are carbon fiber and cost quite a bit of money, so I decided to do my own 'poor man's close out'.

1) card board from LCD TV box
2) felt with adhesive
3) x-acto knife
4) Velcro tape

Basically I used a relatively thin piece of card board first to work out a template, which involved a few iterations. When the template is perfect I took out my TV box and cut out a permanent piece. Then felt is applied to the card board along with a few pieces of Velcro to secure the close out on the car. I also kept the side bolsters (very light) and felted them to cover up all the wirings.

Total cost was about $35.
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