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"how is the car running afterward? Besides the startup, could you ever tell? And was it only submerged 2 feet?"

The car for the most part was running fine, even with wide open throttle, it felt fine. Just the startup was the teeth crunching part. I mentioned above too that the clutch felt spongy..but Paul told me they "found nothing defective or wrong with the clutch". I would say that if the startup noise is completely fixed...the average person wouldnt be suspicious it was a flood car.

Yes it was submerged 21 inches i believe, so just under 2 feet. However, when everything happened that night, when i saw the amount of water rushing down from willis avenue as i was making my way uphill...i thought my car was going to be totally F$%$@d by the morning.

Some lady (who was too big to fit through her window), opened her door to get out and i just watched all the water rush something out of a movie...pretty intense.

"have you spoke to the service manager?"

NO not yet, however when i go in next time il be sure to sit down with one and explain whats been going on...

"file an official complaint with BMW NA and talk to the service manager."

Going to start working on a complaint letter soon. Or should i make a call to BMWNA?

"Would it have been possible to have another dealership look at the car? or request another advisor?"

You know what, that was/and still is very possible...but during the course of dealing with Paul/BMW/insurance, those 2 and a half months just went by so quickly. I was so caught up in the bullshit mess, that i essentially kept on being stubborn and giving Paul another chance...ya that never happened.

Anyways, lets see what happens tomorrow. :confuse d0068:
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