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Well, The M3 has more suspension then power so it doesn't have traction issue because it only has 297 lb.ft. of TQ. The GTR is AWD, and the Porsche has lower TQ as well with fatter tires.

The GT500 has WAY more power HP and TQ, so yeah, you have to drive it with more finesse and treat the acceleration pedal like you have an egg underneath it.

It was the same thing in my Z06. Neither are for a brainless driver and it takes some skill, that is part of the fun of owning a car like that. Just don't be stupid with it and respect its power.

I'm not saying you don't, just making a general statement about those types of cars.

Even though you have to drive the GT500 and Z06 more carefully and mindful then an M3, they both have deeper limits then the M3. Both generate higher lateral g's and accelerate faster.
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People that are not used to torquey cars think they are hard to launch or are skittish because they are used to cars with either AWD or have no bottom end torque. My Z06 has tons of power everywhere, but it can all be controlled by my foot.
I completely agree. I will also be the first to admit that I have zero track cred and could definitely benefit from some formal training.

I have been enjoying learning to use the throttle as a steering aid. I just wish the GT500 had more tire or a little better suspension tuning so that there is a little more grip. I have spent some time in a Z06 and I thought it hooked up a lot better than the Mustang. I'm guessing better weight distribution, IRS and more tire are the reasons for this.