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I'm having second thoughts. Opinions?

I have a deposit on the new M but I'm starting to second guess the purchase. I've looked at a lot of different cars recently and had made up my mind on the M until the speculation started that the price for this car reasonably equipped would be close to 70k. Now I agree that this will be a badass car, but lacks alot of things compared to other cars in that price range including exclusivity. I've looked at NSX's (almost bought an 04), vipers, even a couple of early model F355's. Alot of other members have been comparing P- cars as well. Now I love the M line and all that it stands for. I think BMW is an innovative company and they make amazing cars, but lets call the M3 what it truly is. With all the name loyalty and heritage aside, it's a hopped up 3 series. You can even make the argument that the M3 to the 335 is what the EVO is to the lancer. Now I know I'll be flamed for this but I really think this is true. I do not think the E92 is a $70k car. The thing that made the E46 great was the amount of car that you could get with a pricetag starting under $50k. There's nothing exclusive about owning an M3. You see them on the road every day, and to someone who's not an enthusiast, it's just a bmw. The new E92 will shine for the first year, but once more are produced, I'm afraid that they'll be just like the E46. Let the flaming begin.