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Originally Posted by TRZ06 View Post
The 1st to 2nd grind is just as a problem on the M3. Mine does it all the time. Do a search on 1st to 2nd grind.

Also o the GT500, add Lower control arms and a torque bar and you will have less traction issues.

I guess you can say this about any car, but put $3K worth of suspension work on the GT500 and it resolve your issues. Look into Griggs SS kit.

Griggs SS rear suspension kit is raping Ferraris, Lambos, Corvettes, etc. in the twisties
My M3 had the DCT so I didn't have any issues with grinding gears.

I guess I have just been spoiled with cars that get good traction right out of the box. The M3 never seemed to have traction issues out of the hole nor did the GT-R and 911 I had before the Ford. Even with the optional SVT suspension package I'm just not overwhelmed with how the GT500 drives. It is fun sliding around corners though so long as you mean to do it.

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Nice car. What happened to the 911?
Gone. Had it all of 7 weeks. My wife and I decided it wasn't really good timing for us. With the cutbacks I've made in my business I didn't feel right driving a car that expensive. This was the main reason I went with the Mustang. I can drive it to the office and not feel like I'm flaunting something in front of my employees. My people all know I'm a car guy so they expect me to drive something fun. I never drove the 911, or the GT-R for that matter, to the office because I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.