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Originally Posted by racedoc11 View Post
I wish I can take the car somewhere else than the dealer ....
How about your garage ? I'm doing my own oil changes, even though I have to pay for the oil and filter. If you're not so inclined, I'd keep doing it at a dealership, but check that the cap was put 'right' before you leave, and DO NOT allow them to drive your car outside the dealer's lot. By 'right' I mean remove cap, coat the gasket with oil (like a regular oil filter), and put it back on. The cap is a POS, and if not done that way, gasket will bunch up and make a royal mess out of your engine compartment and garage floor. Oh, and also feel all around the oil filter cap, and try to unscrew it by hand to make sure it was installed correctly (with new gaskets), and tightened properly. And finally, you can always watch the guy doing it outside the service bay . Good day.