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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Just to clarify...... The weight for the car will be determined by the base options for each country. As this is the "Standard Equipment"
The definition of 'standard' equipment is only standard within the country of context. If you look through these press releases over the years you will find that the initial marketing communication is not necessarily wholy accurate in practice, nor congruent with later product communications.

Use the M3 CSL as an example. The first press release talked about a weight of 1385, but later press releases (and the eventual brochure) used the 1460kg figure. Both apparently to the same EU1 standard. In fact the typical 'actual' weight of the car (to EU1 stnd) would have been around 1495kg (including a/c and xenon lights), which is around 1376kg DIN. The original figure quoted in the press release would have been amazing, but was completely unrealistic.

Either a case of the marketing boys getting ahead of themselves or human error.