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Originally Posted by Steved View Post
The reality is that the weight is still being determined depending on final spec in each country, so you will see some discrepancies between the initial press release and what actually gets delivered to the customer.

According to the press release, and using the 3.8kg/hp figure then the M3 weighs 1596 kg, the spec sheet says 1655 kg and if we just look at the DIN figure then that figure is 1536 kg. (i.e. 3511 lbs, 3641 lbs and 3379 lbs)

It depends on whether these first two figures were both quoted to EU1 standard (I doubt it).

Take your pick..

I hope to find out when EVO stick it on some weighing scales side by side with RS4, CSL etc..
Just to clarify...... The weight for the car will be determined by the base options for each country. As this is the "Standard Equipment"
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