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Originally Posted by bobbyd1961 View Post
i dont think "following" is the proper term. because the mustang is more affordable it generates more interest however when people, all ages, go by my car (especially the youngsters) they are in awe looking at the car whereas the majority dont even look at the mustang even though they have a much greater chance of being behing the wheel of a mustang.
dont get me wrong i like the mustang but i was always a corvette person until i suffered in the 1984 vette. M3 is a Rocket solid as a ROck that seats 5 . i love it
i agree the mustang does have mass appeal because of its price-tag but i does not mean everyone is a "follower". just look at the performance market side of the mustang, its arguably bar-none the biggest performance market in the states. The M3 will totally benefit from this new found competition, everyone is gunning for its spot.