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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post

Ask an African, South American or Asian about international famous sports teams and they certainly will respond with: Madrid, Barça Man United, Milan, River Plate , Boca but certainly not Dallas Cowboys or something like that. Not to speak the EU citizens will respond with their own famous teams like Paris StG, Bayern, Ajax, Spartak Moscow, Galatasaray or Steaua Bukarest(some examples)
Similarly, you ask any American who Manchester United or Barca is and they will look at you like you have 4 heads. It isn't because we are ignorant it is because we are capable of sustaining 4 major sports leagues on our own. If soccer wasn't run by FIFA it would be more successful. It is run by a bunch of morons who couldn't even tell you who won the last world cup.

When people want to talk down about Football they choose the grounds of world popularity. Honestly, popularity is all well and good but popularity isn't paying for players, nor is it building new stadiums. It's all preference, and Americans are spoiled because instead of having to revere 1 major sport. We get to enjoy 4....maybe 5. What does the rest of the world have? Rugby, cricket, and european handball? Give me a break.