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Originally Posted by NYCGarbagePrince View Post
sorry to burst your bubble....

If "futbol" was as popular as you all believe it to be, there would be more than 2 soccer teams in the top 10 most valuable teams in the world. If you are feeling really sure of yourself check out the whole 50.

Barcelona is ranked 25th

Real Madrid is ranked 6th
This list is pointless. The NFL has been a business first for decades. Of course their revenue is going to be incredibly high. Go to England and go to a soccer game, the ticket prices for decent seats will be nowhere near what you'd pay for nosebleeds at an NFL game. Ever notice that you don't have NFL teams? They're franchises as compared to soccer clubs.

You can't honestly tell me you think that if you went worldwide and started asking people about sports teams the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and NE Patriots would get responses. They wouldn't. But I guarantee almost everyone will know Real Madrid and Barcelona.