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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
I can't imagine Ford taking the Mustang GT, which we all know already equals the M3 on the track, and making the GT500 a lesser performer.
No, but I would like to see the Mustang GT, Boss 302, Boss 302 LS, and GT500 compared. My bet is that, in some scenarios the GT will actually come close to the GT500, and the Boss 302 and especially the Boss 302 LS will easily eclipse the GT500's performance. In other words, adding 150hp to the car might not necessarily yield much real world advantage, especially when you consider they are putting more weight over the front of the car. The Boss's do it the right way - add power to the existing 5.0L, while also cutting a little weight (or at least not adding any).

The point here is, just because the GT already matches the M3, doesn't mean the GT500 will automatically decimate it. We've already seen the M3 win comparison tests against the much more powerful Cadillac CTS. Sure the CTS-V was faster in many respects, and the GT500 will be as well, but depending on the situation that's not necessarily going to make it the best car. And yes, I do know that the GT500 is noticeably faster than the M3 on some tracks like VIR. Let's throw the M3 and the quartet of Mustang's on the N'Ring and let them duke it out. That's something I think everyone would be very curious to see. Oh and yeah, I know the CTS-V is faster than the M3 by five seconds there too. I'd still like to see the Mustangs have a go, particularly the Boss and GT500 in comparison to one another (both will probably beat the M3... but maybe not by a lot).
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