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That one of the best year, bcoz of the competition package ZCP, plus aside from LEDs, you wont be paying as much premium price compare to an 06 and most likely still under factory warranty.

- option package, aside from ZSP, ZPP, Nav a big 2 thumbsup
- 6MT tranny another plus for me, much better fun factor (no flames pls)
- color red exterior w/ black interior very workable for most buyer when it come to selling it again
- 25000 mls not bad, would have like it a little less, since you're closing in Service Maintenance 1, but if under 4yr/50k no problem
- heated front seats, xenon are another small wow factors
- a month on the lot isnt too bad, since its off-season buying. Spring and Summer is coming, that would sell, but expect them to drop the price 3k next few months

4-5k less would be better since its not CPO'ed and they have saved 2-3k not doing it. start neg. at 4-5k less but settle for no less than 3k, argue that is the savings they had not getting it CPO. But have it PPI'ed by you through another dealership if possible, and asked it be refundable if you buy the car.

What would be a reasonable price? heres your measuring stick as a guide

play at 41-42k tell them the 08 is due out and the e46 /M will have a drastic market price adjustment, since most e46 m owners will be bailing out and the supply will surge, before it settles again.

better yet $40k and walk away, with the silent intention to call back with $41-42k offer

GL, hope it works

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