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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
The original Mustang was one of the most copied cars ever produced and an entire category of cars (Ponycars) was named after it.
That was 50 years ago man . And it still lives in the past, just like the other 'ponycars'. I'm not a fanboy of any brand or model, but man, I absolutely HATE retro crap. Something reminiscent of it, like the Merc SLS AMG okay, but the 'modern' ponycars look like crap inside and out. To be fair, the Mustang is the best, but still feels like 30 years old. You sit in a hole of ugly plastic and awful design and materials. I'm a performance guy, but I'd MUCH rather own a freaking Hyundai Genesis coupe V6 than any Mustang, no matter how powerful. But if you're only after straight-line performance, I can see the attraction of it. To each his own. And no, the M3 is not remotely close to being perfect either, but MUCH more satisfying to drive and own IMO. Good day.