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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I am fully aware of the M3s tradition and have a lot of respect for it.

Ford, who I will be the first to admit has built some real crap over the years (and I speak from first had experrice as I had a few of the worst) has as stong a performance and racing tradition any manufacturer.

Tradition is fine but as we say in the music business "You're only as good as your last hit".

The Cobra Shelby,Ford GT40...yes not the current GT500 tho. You can take a well balanced miata and make it a great car,not so much with the current GT500.

My point is why ditch the M3 for a car that's less balanced,more tail happy and weighs more? I rather have a Cayman,really. I guess people have different priorities,some like jumping on the interstate then mashin on the gas picking up speed. Others are happy on a cloverleaf, like to maintain the speed limikt on the twisties and not worrying about accumulating points on their driver's license.
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