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I'm not a Chevy guy.. Corvettes are cool and all.. but I'm not interested.. Plus 4 seats is nice, I've never had a 2 seater.. seems a little impractical. Basically I'm looking for what I have in the M3 already: Daily driver, seats 4, practical.. FAST.. & gets attention from other car guys (and girls).

The Shelby draws a lot of positive attention. Here's a couple shot of mine with Ford racing handling kit installed.
Whats in the handling kit? I know the SVT package supposedly adds some suspension tuning.

I do believe that the Boss will outrun an M3 on the track (driver dependent of course).
The 2011 gt500 beat the M3 by 7 seconds at VIR according to car and driver, the link for that is in my second post... so although the BOSS may be faster.. I think I'd like the NAV and heated seats.. if it's faster than the M3.. even better.
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