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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I have a fanatec wheel (mine works for xbox, pc, and ps3). I've never used the G27, but it's much better than any other wheel I've ever used. I love the fact that it's fully customizable (software). The clubsport pedals are better than almost anything else on the market. Worth the price IMO. I can't stand plastic pedals. The fanatec clubsport pedals offer great feel and you can get different spring rates as well. Supposedly they are developing a clubsport 6speed shifter which will be awesome. The plastic shifter is the only thing I don't really care for with the fanatec wheels.

What kind of chair do you use? is it stable enough to make the stand better than a playseat? ($250 price difference..)

Also, (I did PM you this, but others may benefit as well):

I've noticed on the Logitech wheels is that they have the Playstation buttons (X O R1 R2 etc) but the Fanatec one's don'y

What do you in those situations then?

Like in GT5, you need to push O to use the ebrake, and hold Triangle (if you're in automatic mode vs manual) to go in reverse.