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Arrow -= 2007 E92 COMBOX Retrofit Successful =-


Read it first:

I am proud to announce I am the only vendor offering the CIC Retrofit Kits based exclusively on OEM parts and OEM activation.
However, If you are thinking of working with somebody else who says that can do it for you please note that the installation of all parts in your car is just the first step to retrofit the CIC successfully.
The most important is to activate the Navigation and code the car in order to make sure that all modules can work with each other and with the CIC.
I have installed many CIC retrofits in cars produced from 2004 and there have been major differences in how these cars reacted to the CIC
and how they had to be coded and programmed in order to make sure that all car options were compatible with the CIC.

Patrys OEM Activation of the Navigation vs. Aftermarket module offered by competition

The way I activation the Navigation and/or the Voice Control is fully OEM.
It means I buy special activation codes from BMW (VIN specific) and load them into the CIC.
The cost of the codes is pretty high, so that's a reason why the complete OEM kit is over 2000 Euro.

If you find other people/companies offering cheaper CIC retrofit kits you might expect an aftermarket "activation" of the Navigation and Voice Control.

What does the aftermarket "activation" mean?
There is a module which can be installed in a car to tamper the communication between the CIC and the rest of the car.
The CIC includes the VIN of a car it comes from as well as the activation codes for that VIN, so if you buy a used CIC the VIN stored inside it does not match your VIN and the codes do not match your VIN either.
My OEM activation is to load your VIN and your codes (received from BMW AG) into the CIC the same way BMW does it.

The aftermarket module:
The installation requires either cutting of the wires behind the CIC or opening the CIC, removing one of the CIC main board components and soldering in that place wires connected to this aftermarket module.

I know there are people who always look for more affordable solution and I do not blame them for that, but before you decide to use an aftermarket solution just think about the consequences.
-> Do you really want to have all that mess inside your CIC - all the cables and soldering?

-> One of my friends have tested this solution and from time to time the iDrive screen was blank for a few minutes. The same happened after replacing the module with a new one.

-> Think about updating the map - you will have to give your dealership the VIN of the car the CIC comes from. If the car is from Europe or some other region it might be difficult to order the US map.

-> What if BMW releases a new software version for your car that will make this module useless?

-> My DVD-in-motion activation does not tamper the speed read by the CIC, but the module does it. It means your CIC will "think" you drive very slowly all the time while you might be doing 80mph.
Your CIC should know your speed to calculate your position if there is no GPS signal.

I could offer this aftermarket solution to you guys too, but I think our BMWs do not deserve to be treated like that!!! Go for the OEM solution!!!

My experience is something you cannot underestimate, so please have a look at the below testimonials before you decide who you would like to work with:


I have been receiving a lot of emails and PMs about the Combox retrofit for the 3-series vehicles with the CIC.
The CIC is a great upgrade and worth the money for sure, but once you get it you can think of adding even more features.

I will be offering the Combox retrofit officially very soon, so please wait for the pricing and more details and just enjoy these low quality pictures taken in my 2007 E92

The Combox retrofit (and the CIC software update) will add the following features to your CIC:
- Office Menu - text messages, calendar, tasks, contact, reminders, etc. synced with your mobile phone over Bluetooth
- Bluetooth Audio
- Album Art Cover
- 6FL option - USB port in your armrest if you do not have it now
- Map SAT View
- Internet Access - through the GPRS/3G mobile phone connection
- and more

I will keep you updated on this

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