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Originally Posted by dexx View Post
The problem with this system is the stupid dynamic EQ. You have to listen to it at really high volumes, there isn't any other choice.. You can actually hear it going from "mud" to a normal equalization as you click through the volume wheel. The built-in EQ cannot fix this. If you don't want to listen loud, then you're SOL.

I didn't notice this until I had friends in the car who wanted to crank the volume to 11.

methinks BMW should not put deaf people in charge of the audio system.

I haven't yet tried to figure out if the speed sensitive volume setting has any effect on this.
I'm pretty sure there is no dymanic EQ. It's been confirmed by a couple of members here that the HU outputs a flat signal, at least over low level. It's possible that the EP system uses some but it's harder to test since the HU outputs optical.

I think what you're hearing isn't dynamic EQ but the distortion limiting circuitry. Blaupunkt started using this WAAAAAAAY back in the day and it sounded exactly like this when you'd start clipping the amp.