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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I've been harshly told by a SA that I'm not supposed to tell them or to the tech what I think is wrong in my car when I request warranty service.

That's their job and not mine, he said.

I just stood up and left that dealership right there.

Techs or SA don't want to be called monkeys, but then they behave and act like monkeys. They do have all the access that they need and want to OEM technical bulletins, service documents, installation procedures -with pictures like coloring books!!- and still they don't want to use them.

It is kind of late for a tech to waste virtually a whole day of troubleshooting looking for a part and its location that he doesn't even know what the correct nomenclature is. MY2009 cars has been out since Oct/Nov with the new iDrive/CIC, plenty of documentation was already available from BMW about the technical aspects of this CIC/iDrive in their system for months... even in the Internet for everybody to see.

Two days to find out that what he's looking for is not an USB hub, still insist that there is no USB hub with the 6FL, and still don't know that there are 2 distinct USB connections in the car is too much ignorance to handle by a customer...
Ok... your first problem is that you THINK you know what you're talking about.

You think BMW tells techs where every module is in every car?
Every wiring diagram for all the cars?
All test plans work for fault codes?

Hell most of the time the tester doesn't even give you description of the fault code.

Its not easy to fix these cars in the first place and when you are fighting the diagnosis software doesn't make it any easier. Once again... you THINK you know.
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