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For all of you that have been asking me what parts are needed to transform a normal E92 into an M3 Exterior wise...

These are the parts that you will need to purchase if you want to perform an OEM looking M3...

Whole front panel trim

M3 Headlamp arm

M3 Front Wheel Arch Trim

M3 Front Bumper

M3 Rear Bumper

Bumper Holder Left & Right (Part no 5)

Under Bumper Shield (Part 20 & 23 Right & Left)

M3 Side Skirts Right & Left (Part 1)

M3 Front Fenders

M3 Hood

M3 Lip Spoiler

M3 Rear Muffler

M3 19'' Wheels

M3 Shark Fin

M3 Mirror

M3 Badge

M3 Trim (Part 20, 21, 22, 23, 24)

As for the Rear Fenders you will need a skilled body shop to widen them... They should install the rear M3 wheels and work on difference.. they have they're own technique..

You will also need front wheel spacers to push out the front wheels to match the front fenders

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