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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
So who had the order of a dozen roses?
You're welcome.

Rich Rodriguez: Giving winning teams in the Big Ten free and easy wins since 2008.... Seriously, 0-12 vs teams who finish the Big Ten schedule with winning records... Time to go. What's funny was how Matt Millen (commentating during the game) said he should get another year to prove himself. What that means is that the only right thing to do is fire Rich Rodriguez. Millen hasn't been right about a single thing since he stepped off the field as a player, although I did find it funny when he was dogging OSU's president.

Wisconsin, OSU, and MSU have some great teams this year, but the Big Ten just isn't the same without a Michigan team towards the top. If they don't fire that dbag and go out and get Harbaugh (or anyone halfway capable of fielding a fundamentally sound roster), I'm going to have a hard time bringing myself to watch a single game next year.