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Heres how i look at those of you who say things aren't replaced or done when your vehicles are brought into the shop for service-i have never, and will never "fudge" or "fake" a repair to a vehicle. ever. Im probably more anal with repairs on a customers car than i would be on my own vehicles and thats saying something. That also being said-i HATE when customers come and watch me while i work on their car. I just hate having someone look over my shoulder and scrutinize my work-i do what i do because im good at it? I look at it as if you really need to come and watch me work on your car-we must have done something wrong in the past-which to me says why are you bringing your car back to me if you don't trust the work being performed?

That being said-id prefer BMW came back with the dipsticks on all their cars...its just so much easier...