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Originally Posted by Brad@PSI MOTORS View Post
These companies make millions of dollars off us, and we expect the product to fucking work. IF it does not or they wont fix it, then money should be returned. Just like if you bought a part for your car that did not work or fit right. It is not bitching, it is customer feedback. Feedback that tends to go unoticed by virtually every game developer these days. They need to get their shit together and stop raping their customers and running.
Lol the fuck did you expect? It's Activision. Didn't you guys learn the first time with MW2? I could've told you before Black Ops was even announced that it was going to suck.

Activision just takes your money and then leaves, they don't give a fuck. It's all the tools that bought Black Ops/MW2 that say to Activision that their behavior is okay. You guys only have yourselves to blame. Also before you know it they'll announce another CoD rehash or map pack that costs $15 and you'll eat that up too. Probably with the next CoD game there will be a subscription fee and I'm sure loads of stupid phaggots will jump on that too.

The masses just fucking love mediocrity.