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Originally Posted by dcgolfdr View Post
Nice, what did you do with AA?
I'll PM you!

Originally Posted by gthal View Post
It's interesting that you say the AA drones... there are a ton of posts on here that say it is one of the more drone free exhausts.

It looks like the only reliable, drone free, options are the Akra, Dinan, UUC Corsa and Bastuk. As much as I hate to spend the money on the Akra, it really does look like the best blend of looks, sound and quality that is drone free. The UUC Corsa looks bad (IMO) and the Dinan exhaust is black (not my taste) and only has 2 active pipes. Oh well... I guess it's only money
Dont get me wrong..I am not hating on the AA, I got at least one complement everytime I drove the car!
Most members here have not gone through 3-7 setups with this car.. there are a few exhaust whores here who got to.. I was lucky enough to compare a few systems/setups, AA being one of them.
With the Meisterschaft GTS (Being the extreme), Conversations are not possible. AA (Somewhere in the middle) was not bad for conversations but will get to you after a bit. Akra is def the best in that area from all the systems i tried.
Again this is my opinion based on my experience.