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Originally Posted by M3AL View Post
not to be overlooked is the quality of the source. I too get the pleasure of comparing the sound system on a 335i (wife's car) vs. M3 (just took delivery in July) i was initially very disappointed with the low end. Couple things
1. it seemed to break in?? get better over the first month go figure
2. I replaced any song on my ipod with less than a 192kb, re-recorded at 192+ and wow 90% problem solved.

OK i tweaked the EQ settings as well, but the new settings really popped with higher quality recordings.

If you've already tweaked your EQ and still not happy, upgrade your music before taking any more radical action like replacing speakers, etc (i've heard some rumblings on other posts)
just my 2 cents
You re-encoded your files from the original disc source and not from the 192kb encoded file right? If not, you didn't really do anything to improve it. For most of my MP3s I use 224kb VBR or at least 256kb CBR encoding.
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