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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
Wow first off I want to say thats is a cool ass to the good part:

0-60 in 4.59...I hope this is true, some serious head whip lash is going to occur w/ this beast (hope your gf doesn't get mad)

1/4 mile in 12.88 that's is just about tied for the fastest M5 at dragtimes & member of this looking great on paper, i can't wait but now I must go practice my heal-toeing to match this simulation...are you going to do one w/ DSG?

Thanks for posting
This is a manual with a shift time of 0.4 seconds so the DSG will be even faster.

The key number for me was the 0-100 mph number, it is over 10 seconds. So this will be very similar to the RS4.

In airfield runs, the M5 / M6 will obviously walk the M3 but the M3 will certainly beat the RS4.

EDIT *** Just to be open, there is no drag on this simulation but the software doesn't allow for wheelspin so these things are pretty good at negating each other..... Mark this post, I think this will be close to what the rags get.
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