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Originally Posted by elh0102 View Post
If you have to ask, you need to find another dealer, or do it yourself. And some customers are cynical or paranoid by nature, hopefully not you. Oil changes are simple and profitable. I think it would be one of the last places a dealer would cheat. With that said, the oil changers are not usually long-term, master mechanics, and certainly one could cheat on the invoice and sell the oil and filter out the back door. I try to develop a good relationship with the shop foreman or a senior tech, and it seems to pay off in good service.
This. If youbhave to use the "trust but verify" method then you don't really trust the dealer. If you're that concerned about it, just do it yourself. It's an oil change, not rocket science.

Also, BMW isn't the only company deleting dipsticks. Audi is removing them as well but at least they had the good sense to keep the tube in place, it's just capped off. It's there for service tech to check oil level during services but you can also buy a dipstick and put it in there for your own use.

I wonder if the M has a tube like this.