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After years of purchasing and servicing my car at one of our local BMW dealerships, those fukcers tried to screw me out of an oil change when I purchased the car used from them. On the test drive the oil change indicator came on and both the sales guy and I noticed it. So, I asked they do the oil change before pick-up of the car and they said no problem. Well, I found out later (after getting a updated service history on the car) all they did was reset the computer but actually did not do an oil change because it had only been 11 months (low milage) since the last change anyways. I was pissed because instead of just telling me it was still not quite due for the early oil change ( low milage oil change), they pretended to have done it which means I would have gone another year without an oil change. I do not trust these stealerships anymore!! Beware guys!