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Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
holy shit no dipstick? how the hell are u supposed to tell if oil level is low or dirty? i used to just look between the 2 dots on my dipstick to measure that the level was good.
Yup! It's sad, but it's true bro. I too was shocked at first because I have never had any vehicle before the M3 that had no dipstick. On my older vehicles, I can tell that the dealer did an oil change just by looking at the dipstick. Besides that, the traditional way of telling whether your oil level is low is with a dipstick. That pretty much changes when you get an M3. You rely now on electronic gauges (which I don't really trust) on the dash. To be honest, it's pretty much impossible to check the oil level on the M3 and whether you are running on clean oil or not. I prefer the dipstick OVER any electronic bullsh*t. LOL!

My dad was also shocked when I first told him that my m3 had no dipstick. IIRC, all he said was that I have a high performance car that's luxurious, but with no DAMN dipstick??